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Surprise Proposal... {Spoiler alert: She said Yes!}

Cleverly placing his message {a.k.a. marriage proposal} in a bottle, Marco & I arranged the details of his surprise proposal to the unsuspecting Amy and it was magical! It all went down at El Escambron Beach in San Juan. Marco pretended to just be taking in the breathtaking ocean views with his sweetheart. They would stumble upon a bottle with a message in it [yes, I met Marco at the restroom beforehand, got the bottle from him & placed it at our preselected location]. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of this story...

Puerto Rico Engagement___0002.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0017.jpg

Puerto Rico Engagement___0003.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0004.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0005.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0006.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0016.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0014.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0013.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0012.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0011.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0010.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0009.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0008.jpg
Puerto Rico Engagement___0007.jpg

Puerto Rico Engagement___0015.jpg

Puerto Rico Engagement___0001.jpg

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